A collection of explorative work; from photographic series to multifaceted exhibits


mother oh mother earth

This series provides a satire on the hyper-sexualization and critic of women in the current media by president Donald Trump, in concurrence with blatant negligence on pressing environmental issues. The quotes associated with the imagery are quotes from the 45th president's commentary on women. The highlighted text indicates words that have been changed to combine this narration with environmental contexts.

Honey Bee Baby is part one of three in this series on asking the question: What if we made environmental issues Trump's perfect 10?

Sun Kissed is part 2/3 in this series asking: When will we acknowledge our critical role in the Earth's drastically changing climate?

Deep Beauty on the Horizon is the final of three in this series on asking the question: What if we stopped letting big business exploit natural beauty?



Dear ALL Women - Happy International Women's Day 2018. Here are some of my favorite warrior women. May we defend you, love you, salute you, become you.

This is a video piece  surrounding a hand stiched wearable I made for my sophomore studio class at the University of Michigan ; focused on intersectionality and defending all women - not just ideal visions of womanhood. The piece encompasses a wearable, video, spoken word, and accompanying stencils. This piece was exhbited in SAPAC's 2018 rEVOLUTION: Making Art for Change show. 

Directed, Written, Filmed, Styled, and Edited by Mackenzie King
Music Courtesy of the talented Brian Perez
Voiced by the wonderful Katie Raymond
& the stunning women pictured in this piece; Bridgid Orowe, Emily Samantha Kaufman, Liana Smale, and Robina Rranza


She Speaks Truth 

Acrylic and electric sculpture piece. A tribute to all every woman who has spoken her truth. Outed her pig. Broken the silence. Shone light into darkness


Woven Women

A triptych of touchable imagery, dissecting the commodification of women in editorial spaces - by dramatizing the over sexualization of women and materials in editorial imagery. Pieces vary in size, but are generally 11 x 16. 

Maggie Magazine 

An exploration on the different ways  we view women in editoral, personal, and social media spaces. The piece is comprised of an ediorial styled magazine, a phone with social media images, and a family photo album. 


A gift for girls  

Four necklaces for women in my life, based on a series of interview questions. They seek to represent women with objects instead of objectified versions of themselves. For inspiration, I borrowed asthetics of caltholic saint necklaces to talk about how we can idealizise realistic people, not just religious figureheads. The project also touches on how women want to be persevered historically.