To Heal a Nation

It was never hate that healed the nation.


I don’t remember September 11th, 2001. I was two years old. What I do remember was the stages of grief. Denial that such a thing could ever happen, could ever happen here. Anger - so much anger, against evil, against an enemy, against hatred, and even against each other. Bargaining, as our country tried to decide what move it was supposed to make, what it was supposed to say, what side it was supposed to take, which war to wage. Depression, as the anger and conflict overcame us, as we placed blame, as our country realized what was lost could not be redeemed, that no amount of vengeance would cover the cost of lives lost. Finally, there was acceptance. If not totally, we are making our way to it . A light at the end of a never-ending tunnel full of loss and yet things to be found. It was not with malice that we found this place. It was never divided that we found a way to recover. It was never hate that healed the nation. It was peace. It was love. It was upholding and protecting the things we know to make us strong - family, community, freedom, dignity, differences, exploration, education, diversity. Every year, I take 9/11 as a day to remember that in the face of all we struggle with - as individuals and citizens of this great nation. It was never hate that healed us. It has always been love.

Mackenzie KingComment